Rewire Your Brain and Heal — 12 Steps to Free Yourself from Symptoms

Nordin, Maria
Nimeke: Rewire Your Brain and Heal — 12 Steps to Free Yourself from Symptoms
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Tekijät: Nordin, Maria (Kirjoittaja)
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Alkuteos: Eroon oireista
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Heal your body with your mind.Rewire Your Brain and Heal presents twelve powerful steps to support healing. Developed by Maria Nordin, the revolutionary Free to Heal© method utilizes neuroplasticity and awareness skills to show how you can — with the mind and emotions —create favorable conditions in the body for a health-supporting microbiome. The book contains awareness skill exercises to harness the healing powers of the mind immediately.

The book, having already helped thousands of people, is a comprehensive package of information about the connection between the mind and healing. In the book, you will find up-to-date guidance on topics such as the mental and physical effects of stress and well-being, the benefits of the brain's malleability, the body's ability to heal itself, and how thoughts and emotions relate to the health of the body and mind.

Start reprogramming your brain now and take advantage of this method to:
- relieve physical symptoms and diseases
- manage anxiety and depression
- boost energy, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm.

In addition to the Free to Heal© method, the work covers Maria Nordin's own inspiring journey from illness to health. The author shares her story and what she has learned to help others unleash their own healing power.

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